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Flat fee covers everything: gas, mileage (up to 15 miles), furniture blankets, dollies, etc.


per hour for 2 professional movers and a 17 foot box truck.


for 2 professional movers – labor only


per hour for each additional professional mover

Truck Moves

5 hour minimum for full service with box truck plus 1 hour of travel time. Friday and Sunday moves: $40 extra, Saturday and holiday moves: $100 extra. $60 additional to upgrade to for 26 foot truck and a dozen more pads.

Labor Only Moves

3 hour minimum plus half hour of travel time. Friday and Sunday moves $25 extra Saturday and holiday moves $60 extra. $20 extra for moves within last 2 or first 2 days of the month.

Extra Charges

There are never any extra charges with DC Top Choice Movers. Long Carry, Heavy Item, Delicate Item, Stairs, Elevator, Disassembly, Re-Assembly, Padding, Shrink Wrap are just a few of the charges that let moving companies tell you one price and charge more. Unpacked Item charge, Improperly Packed charge, Bag Carry charge, Over-packed Box charge are more ways companies can have a business plan where they hook customers with cheap prices and then sneak in charges later.

DC Top Choice Mover’s business plan is to provide honest, reliable, professional, and pleasant moving services and earn your referrals and repeat business. Our professional movers are very good at what they do but if your job ends up having a lot of heavy boxes, or a long walk maybe tip them a little better for their hard work, but we will never add on a charge which takes a little stress out of your next move.

If you have a unique move let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.